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About Us

We join our hands together for the empowerment of children with special needs. "The tiny tots/toddler from age group of 1-3 years who begin their life with babbles, tiny footsteps with emotions and happiness towards the journey of childhood will find support from a diverse and experienced team."

When to consult a professional:

If your child misses out/delays any of the developing milestones (sitting, crawling, walking and speech age appropriately) at different stages of development, then kindly visit and contact our Rehaab roots in house team for any help, suggestions and counselling regarding overall development of your child.


To enable every individual in the society to (Access) or lead a comfortable social life breaking the barriers of health issues with the support of a strong network of allied health professionals and personal care who work on the root cause of the problem associated with.


Our mission in Rehaab Roots is to empower children, adults alike and their families with the necessary skills and confidence with which one can go out into this world.

We make sure to provide accessible therapy at affordable prices with no compromises on the quality of the services. We work to maintain a professional environment and make it our priority to deliver therapy that is a class apart.

To add on, Rehaab Roots has specialized members for assessments, which provide a strong base to identify, tackle and deliver therapy.