Are you suffering from a hearing problem?

High usage of mobile phones, earphones, and sound systems damaging your hearing? Unable to hear properly? Are you looking for a good expert? Here we give you answers to your questions. We will test you and provide solutions for your hearing needs.

Hearing tests:

We offer hearing tests from one-day infants to old age. If we find the problem early, we can get the solutions quickly; we will test your hearing and provide you with a complete analysis report and our best services.


Usually having hearing loss does not make the person feel that he/she is unable to hear one’s speech, but rather it will make the person feel that he/she is unable to follow the conversation.

Here are some of the symptoms the person experiences –

  • Unable to follow a conversation in group situations/social gatherings where noise levels are high.
  • Facing difficulty while speaking on mobile.
  • Asking for frequent repetitions.
  • Tend to increase the TV /Radio volume which is louder for others but comfortable for them.
  • Frequently gazing at others for visual cues.
  • Not giving priority to hearing will lead to worsening of ability to hear.

Our Audiologists will examine you, gives you the degree of hearing loss, and treat you according to your age, degree of hearing loss, health status, and few other things.

What is hearing?

Hearing is the process of converting sound vibrations from the external environment into nerve impulses that communicate to the brain, where they are perceived as sound.


Hearing or auditory perception is the ability to perceive sounds through an ear-like organ by detecting vibrations as periodic changes in the pressure of the surrounding medium. The field of education related to hearing is Audiology. A person can hear sound through solid, liquid, or gaseous material.


Differentiating what is hearing and what is listening is essential. Hearing is the process of perceiving sound through your ear and receiving sound waves or vibrations. Listening is listening to a sound and understanding what we hear.

Importance of hearing:

Hearing is a sense that we all need, but sometimes it can be hard to know if you have a hearing problem.


Ears allow people to hear, but hearing also shows them present. Listening enables awareness so that communication is functional and insightful. Even if you can’t practice how you listen, you can practice for what you hear and improve your skills.


Hearing is essential in maintaining relationships with friends and family, fully participating in team and community activities, and experiencing life events. Hearing makes it possible to participate, listen, laugh, and enjoy many things that can help shape your quality of life.


Communication plays an essential role in our daily life. When we want to communicate with someone, we need to hear their voice. We need to understand the content they say, so hearing plays a lead role in our day-to-day lives. Hearing is significant for everything we do and talk about during the day. It can be very problematic if we do not hear.

Children facing a hearing problem:

Early detection of the problem gives you the best result. If we detect the problem earlier, it will help us provide a better solution. Hearing loss in children is closely related to developing their brains, so it is essential to manage hearing loss during the growing years.


Rehaab Roots can help in detecting hearing loss in children very early. We will test even one day baby and provide services. We test and analyze the reports and provide you with the best services.

Hearing tests are used to detect hearing problems in babies.


The first step is to take the baby’s medical history and ask about any family history of hearing loss. Next, the Audiologist will test the baby’s hearing by using one of the two methods: We have OAE and BERA to test babies. We visit the hospital, test babies, submit the information about the test, and provide the services the baby needs.

Hearing loss in adults:

People with hearing loss are often lonely due to aging and hearing loss. Because of the stigma, they cannot participate in conversations, and they feel isolated, unexpressed, and socially down. This can lead to chronic stress and depression.


High usage of the mobile phone, listening to louder sounds, and some aging factors will lead to significant problems in adults; early identification of hearing loss can help this problem. If you identify the problem earlier, you will get a better solution earlier, we test your hearing, and we will give you the results of your tests. By these, we will tell the solution through our services based on your age, degree of hearing loss, and some other factors.


Primarily working people are suffering from these problems such as people who spend their time exposed to loud noise, traffic police, sound engineers, people who spend their time near loudspeakers, industrial workers, people in the construction field, teachers, call center employees, and the other people who live near railway stations, bus stops, high traffic areas, and many more people will suffer from this issue.


Currently, we are seeing trending work-from-home employees who use more headsets and other things for listening, etc. People traveling to different places use more headsets, speakers, earphones to pass their time.


Still, some researcher is going on Hypertension, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, extended working hours which may lead to severe work stress and some other factors that may lead to Hearing Loss.

What do we do in Rehaab Roots?

Rehaab Roots is the best hearing test and hearing aid center in the whole Hyderabad Ameerpet, which tailored the problem easier more accessible gives the better solution; we have high-quality equipment which are imported from the different countries; we have the audiometric test room that requires the most optimal technical design of the proofing to get the best results for the audiometric test. We have an acoustic door, ceiling, paneling, observation room, observation DGU Window, and speakers for testing, which will provide ‘0’ decibels of sound with a soundproofing interior.


We have well-experienced and qualified Audiologists who have tremendous knowledge, who test you, analyze you, and give you the best services.

We do the tests and treatments following all the COVID rules and protocols, wearing surgical masks, wearing a PPE kit, wearing a face shield, wearing surgical gloves. We thermal scan every person who is coming to us and check their vaccination certificates.


At Rehaab Roots, we primarily use disposable materials while checking patients. We ensure that the instruments we use while testing will be cleaned and sanitized in proper condition for every patient. We are making sure that we follow all community guidelines and rules imposed by the government.

About us:

Rehaab Roots is a Multi Rehabilitation Center that provides any services tailored to your problem. We will analyze your concerns and provide you with the right services. We have experienced, highly knowledgeable staff  who will test you, study the reports, and then they will give you excellent services.

Hearing tests provided in Rehaab Roots:

These are the hearing tests that we perform at Rehaab Roots

  1. Video Otoscopy.
  2. Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA).
  3. Immittance Audiometry (Middle Ear Scanner).
  4. Oto Acoustic Emission Test (OAE Test).
  5. Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA test).

Your Health and Safety is Our Priority

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