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What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a process of screening and treating the communication issues and its related speech disorders. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), often known as speech therapists, execute the procedure. Speech therapy is usually required for children with speech abnormalities or for adults who have speech difficulty that has been caused by an injury or disease, such as a stroke or brain injury.

Speech therapy is a method that involve individuals to develop speech and language skills. It helps individuals to improve their communication (social) skills and to overcome problems related to speech and language disorders. It helps individuals to produce certain sounds which they find it difficult to pronounce. It is given one to one depending on the type of disorder and severity.

Speech therapy is a type of intervention that aims to improve a child’s speech as well as their ability to interpret and express language, including nonverbal communication. These services are provided by speech therapists, sometimes known as speech and language pathologists (SLPs). There are two parts to speech therapy: 1) coordinating the mouth to generate sounds to form words and sentences (to address articulation, fluency, and voice volume regulation); and 2) comprehending and expressing language (to address language usage in written, pictorial, body, and sign forms, as well as language use in alternative forms).

Speech Therapy Centre In Hyderabad

Speech therapy can play a very vital role in improving the quality of life for kids, children and adults, so they can improve their communication level effectively and efficiently. Experienced pathologists at Rehaabroots have experience in treating a wide range of issues that impact speech, language, cognition, and swallowing (Dysphagia) in people of all ages.

By delivering the highest possible therapeutic services, we at Rehaabroots are on a mission to empower children, adolescents, and adults to have a better lifestyle. A speech problem affects one out of every ten children, no matter how little. Pathologists at Rehaabroots can assist you with any type of speech problem you may have.

We at Rehaabroots boast the best and most experienced pathologists in the country, and we stand by all of our speech solutions 100 percent. We are a family-owned and operated business and our therapists are dedicated to meet each child’s needs. Our pathologists and therapists use a various  speech and language intervention strategies to ail the person from such deformities. To guarantee that our programmes have a long-term positive impact, we work closely with their families.

Why Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is crucial to an individual’s overall development especially when they have autism spectrum disorder or any other disability. It boosts overall communication, social skills, and the ability to cope with society and function in daily life. The development of literacy is dependent on phonemic and phonological awareness, which is aided by sound awareness.

Speech therapy can help in treating various speech and language-related disorders, some of them are:

Articulation disorder– The inability to appropriately create specific word sounds is known as articulation dysfunction. This speech problem causes a youngster to drop, switch, distort, or add word speech sound to a word. Saying “thith” instead of “this” is an example of word distortion.

Fluency disorder– The flow, pace, and rhythm of speaking are all affected by a fluency issue. Fluency problem include stuttering and cluttering. A person who stutters has difficulty making a sound, and their speech may be hindered or halted, or they may repeat parts of a word. Cluttered person tend to speak quickly and mash words together.

Receptive disorder– Receptive language impairment affects a person’s ability to understand and absorb what others say. When someone speaks, you may appear inattentive, have difficulty following orders, or have a restricted vocabulary. A receptive language issue can be caused by other language disorders, autism, hearing loss, or a brain injury.

Best Speech Therapist Hyderabad

Some more reasons why a person should opt for speech therapy:

  • Through efficient communication, we can improve our quality of life.
  • When it comes to resolving a speech or language impairment, early intervention is ideal.
  • Children’s speech should be understood by unknown adults more than 90% of the time by junior/senior kindergarten.
  • Teased children are more likely to have self-esteem difficulties, which can hinder their social and academic participation.
  • Swallowing and feeding abnormalities are assessed and treated.
  • Treatment for regaining speech and swallowing function after a stroke or brain injury.

Who is called as Speech Therapist?

Speech therapists or SLP’s are professionals where they carry out detail assessment and provide management for children and adults (any age group) having speech, language, communication, cognition, feeding and swallowing disorders. They help individuals to have smooth flow of speech while communicating to each other. They use specific therapy techniques depending on individual’s diagnosis. They counsel regarding the disorder and severity to the family members for helping the individual to improve their social skills.

Role of an SLP :

  • As SLP’s works in various setups like Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, health care centers etc., they provide service regarding awareness, screening, and management for all related disorders in children and adults.
  • Helps to prevent further complications of these disorders.
  • Gives counseling to parents, family members, caregivers etc., regarding the disorder and severity of the disorder related to speech and language disorders.
  • Prepares therapy plan for individual before attending the speech therapy session.
  • Explains parents regarding the child’s diagnosis and what steps should be followed to reduce the severity

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