Psychological Assessments

According to National Crime Records Bureau 2015, the entire mental health workforce, comprising clinical psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers and psychiatric nurses, stands at 7,000, while the actual requirement is around 55,000. For every psychologist there are over 20,000 people who need the treatment. With the acute shortage of mental health professionals and with Depression and Anxiety creeping their way into becoming household names, many people have opened to the idea of addressing and being proactive on their issues.

Finding fresh ways to tackle life's problem

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” – Abraham Maslow.

Psychologists assess, record and analyze Human Behavior for an overall betterment in an individual’s well-being. We are trained to conduct assessments in the areas of anxiety, depression, stress and anger management and Autism.

With assessments conducted, a psychologist then works towards developing a suitable intervention plan specifically tailored to cater to each individual’s needs.

At Rehaab Roots, we aim to make the client’s tomorrow a better one than their today. While working alongside other allied health practitioners, we provide expert consultancy with an in-house ENT specialist and pediatrician who work with psychologists and SLPs on a wide area of problems; such as providing specific behavior interventions for children with behavior issues, hyperactivity and deficits in attention. We also provide Adult services where we administer and support them in understanding and tackling their thoughts, feelings and emotions, to make a better tomorrow.

Behavior Modification

One of the most effective methods a child responds to is praise and positive rewards. It boosts a child’s perception of oneself. When a child shows undesirable behaviour, it is up to the behaviour therapist to investigate the effects caused by the behaviour and modify it so the child can exhibit the desired and positive behaviour.
Behaviour Modification is a therapeutic technique used by therapists to achieve positive behaviour responses from any child who portrays undesirable behaviour. This concept was initially developed by the researcher B.F. Skinner who used positive and negative reinforcements and punishments to gain desirable results and fade out negative results.

Behaviour modification requires avoiding the use of negative reinforcement but this technique proves to be the simplest way to achieve a desired result.

For your child to get the best possible treatment, a structured treatment plan is prepared for the betterment of the child, where the child, parent and therapist work towards a brighter tomorrow.

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