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Hearing Aid is an electronic device which enables a person to hear sounds better and understand the speech clearly. Hearing aids of various types, designs and technical features are available.

Audiologists also suggests that the hearing aids suits your needs and proves to be a comfortable gear for your lifestyle. A person is generally suggested to use hearing aids in both ears if he/she is identified with the hearing loss.

We at Rehaab Roots diagnose and determine the problem and administer the appropriate treatment plan to meet the client's goals. We fit and dispense hearing aids, change the treatment plans according to the client's progress. we also educate the client on ways to prevent hearing loss. Our allied healthcare professionals are specialized in professionally fitting hearing aids. Our team also helps you keep updated on the latest technology available in hearing devices and assistive listening devices.

Rehaab Roots
Rehaab Roots

Rehaab roots helps you get a finer hearing and have a confident outlook about yourself. It improves your physical wellbeing assists you in being more independent. We help in improving your hearing enabling you to lead everyday life without limitations. Also helps you in socialization and stay connected in work and in communication. Furthermore, this assists in cognitive development.

We provide a personalized touch to each case we take up and help them through all stages of treatment. We help in choosing invisible hearing aids that are available in several styles.

Services at Rehaab Roots:

Apart from ensuring quality of service provided by our Team, we aim to make it a personalized and unique experience for our client.

Further services that Audiologists at Rehaab Roots provide include:
  • Ear protective devices (noise/ear plugs)
  • Tinnitus rehabilitation
  • Vestibular (balance) rehabilitation