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A good hearing helps in good communication. Hearing connects us to people enabling us to communicate in a way that none of our other senses can achieve.

We rely on our ability to communicate with other people to understand speech. Without proper hearing in both ears, in a situation such as group situation or background noise, the person will not be able to communicate effectively.

An Audiologist is a hearing health care professional who is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in adults and children. You can think of an audiologist primarily as a "hearing doctor." Audiologist diagnose and treat a broad range of hearing problems, also help clients of all ages from infants to older adults and clients and improve their ability to communicate and interact in all situations.

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Signs of hearing loss
  • Difficulty in understanding speech in groups and other large gathering like parties or other functions.
  • Following conversation requires more concentration (lipreading) especially when several people are talking
  • higher volume setting for viewing and listening to the TV.
  • Unable to follow a conversation in a noisy environment for example like being in a mall or a larger crowd.
  • Difficulty in hearing when using public transport/vehicle.
Hearing Test

If the above mentioned signs are noticed among an individual, he/she can be identified as a person with hearing loss and must undergo a hearing test for proper treatment.

Hearing tests are straightforward, easily done. A hearing test provides a measurement of the sensitivity of a person's hearing. An audiologist conducts Pure Tone Audiometry to find out the hearing thresholds and detect the type of hearing loss in a person.

Rehaab Roots

Audiologist will have a look into your ears to ensure if there is any blockage in the ear (wax). Then he/she collects a brief history of your hearing to understand the reasons for hearing difficulties. Later, a hearing test is performed where the client is exposed to a series of sounds through a headset. This procedure is repeated for both the ears. And the results are evaluated. Based on the results, hearing aids/Amplification devices are suggested.

Our team of Audiologists administer a range of assessments including hearing and middle ear functions, tinnitus. We at Rehaab Roots work with clients to help them to manage and improve their hearing, making their life comfortable.

Services at Rehaab Roots:
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