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Our team comprises of a diverse, qualified set of professionals from various fields. Speech and Language Pathologists form the core of providing rehabilitation for hearing and speech conditions. SLPs deal with various speech and language disorders, syndromes,voice disorders and fluency disorders.

At Rehaab Roots, we follow standardized assessments for the provisional diagnosis of the client. As per the provisional diagnosis of the client, wethen treat the client followed by the counselling to the parents. The acceptance of parents is the first key for success.

 For adult population, our SLPS provide individualized treatment plans to help patients recovering from speech and in many patients that are recovering from an illness or injuries suffering from communication problems like speaking, understanding/hearing difficulties.

 Our SLP’s help the adult who has voice problems or voice issues like hoarseness and harshness , vocal nodules , vocal abuse in such cases voice therapy is given to them with this complaint .We assist the persons who have undergone for the surgery or after surgery for a better voice quality in their day to day living

A healthy mind exists in a healthy body and our Physiotherapists make sure to provide quality care and treatment for the people who walk into Rehaab Roots with complaints related to physical conditions.

Our team ofPsychologists are trained in cognitive behavior techniques and mindfulnessbased techniques to assist any child or adult who walk into Rehaab Roots to become a more confident and accepting human being. We also support children with Autism and ADHD by using behavior modification techniques and modelling personalized intervention plans.